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a few free resources to support the journey...

Worksheets and handouts I’ve helped create. Originally from indie publishing online courses, training programs and workshops.

Want personalized support materials catered to your individual publishing journey? Let’s work together!

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Who's involved in Making a Picture Book

Knowing how a book is created is the first step on the journey

Who's Helping Make My Book - Worksheet

Handy resource to determine what kind of help you might need to self-publish your book

Why are you self-publishing?

Explores 3 possible reasons for choosing to self-publish

Cost estimates based on your publishing goals

General idea of what kind of costs to expect when self-publishing

The Path of a Picture Book

General overview of the steps involved in making a typical children’s picture book

Spread Overview of Typical Children's Book

2 Page Handout – Discusses the standard 32 page picture book  as well as optional layouts within that standard.

Blank Publishing Calendar

12 month blank calendar to help plan your self-publishing journey

Thumbnail Template with Note Area

Scaled for an 8.5×11 book at 25% but can be be used as a generic template also

For Kids...

I also worked with Maya on this Write Now! Make Books Video Series and Field Guide.
The series walks kids through the steps to create a book.