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On track to self-publish our book because of the support!

“…when I have questions, Matthew is more than generous with his time answering my inquiries. Many nights, I’ve said to my family, ‘Oh my God! I could not have figured this out myself.’
…the one and only resource that I give credit for accomplishing our dream to publish our book. You’ve opened doors for us that we didn’t imagine existed for us.”

— Sandra Gonzalez, Skillful and Soulful Press

It makes it all feel a lot more do-able

“The proof has just arrived and we’ve opened it. Eeeee! Super exciting….Your help was a total game-changer. Honestly I’m so grateful for your support and encouragement…. It makes it all feel a lot more do-able having someone there I can pose questions to. Love and blessings!”

— C. L., United Kingdom