When a Bully is President: Truth and Creativity for Oppressive Times
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When a Bully is President:
Truth and Creativity for Oppressive Times

View the Reader's Guide for the book, Community Project, and other resources below with additional materials added as they are created.

Reader's Guide for When a Bully is President:

Reader's Guide CoverCreated by Maya, this guide gives adult readers some background and support to help kids on their journey through the book.

Download Reader's Guide - 26 pages (2 MB)

View the Reader's Guide Online:
Community Project:

Community ProjectA Community Project inspired by the book, adaptable for a school or public event. The intent of the project is to create portraits of ourselves and when possible to share them with our community. Different portrait themes can be selected to respond directly to community needs. This is creative community ARTivism! (Feel free to share event photos or art with us through Facebook or Twitter)

Download the Project PDF - 5 Pages (1 MB)

Draw Yourself Handout

A downloadable handout of the drawing activity from the book for kids to play with drawing themselves and sharing how they feel, what they're good at and more.

Download the Drawing Handout (1 MB)

Self-Portrait with Natural Self-Respect Handout

Another one of the activities from the book. A simple handout with frame and directions at the bottom for kids to draw their self-portraits.
Download the Self-Portrait Handout (505 KB)

Natural Respect Coloring Page

Coloring page from Maya's sketchbook with art from the book.

Download the Coloring Page (897 KB)

Be Your Own Witness/4 Statements Worksheet

A downloadable handout of the witnessing activity from the book for kids to learn how to witness themselves using the 4 statements.

Download the Witness Worksheet (786 KB)

Watch the Video:

(listen to Maya as she reads the book in English and shares some final and in-process art)

Blog Posts from Maya discussing the Book:

learn more about how the book came to be, why Maya created it the way she did, and more.

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