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The Art of It Workbook


6 Steps to Illustrating a Picture Book
from Thumbnails to Final Art

a super detailed outline of Maya's process for creating art for a picture book, originally created for The Heart of It: Creating Children's Books that Matter online course through School of the Free Mind.

Paperback, 52 pages
8.5″ x 11″
created by Maya Gonzalez

*While much of the content can stand on its own, it is highly recommended to also join the classroom for access to step-by-step videos, support forums, additional resources, templates and more.

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This 6 step workbook was originally created for students of The Heart of It: Creating Children’s Books that Matter through School of the Free Mind. We are now offering it as a workbook whether or not you’re enrolled in the school.

While valuable on its own, classroom subscription is encouraged to get the full benefit from it including access to videos and samples of each of the steps, support forums, additional resources, templates and more.

This workbook provides:

  • a detailed outline of Maya’s process for creating art for a children’s book, broken down into 6 steps:
    • – Reviewing the Final Manuscript
    • – Developing Rough Thumbnails
    • – Final Thumbnails
    • – Final Drawings (& Art Samples)
    • – Preparing for Final Art
    • – Finalizing Art and Wrapping Up

It also assists in understanding:

  • the general process for traditionally illustrating a picture book
  • the “industry standard” 32 page picture book
  • what thumbnails and final drawings are used for including examples from Maya’s books
  • who’s involved in making a picture book
  • how to schedule and track a big project
  • how to incorporate many levels of a story in the art (physical, emotional, psychological, cultural, intuitive)
  • and more!

The workbook is written in an outline format to present the information quickly and effectively and provide a useful tool to return to again and again as you create (or have someone else create) the art for your picture book. It draws from Maya’s 20+ years of experience creating children’s picture books both in traditional AND alternative settings. Classroom access also gets you the videos that go over each step in greater detail and model the process using Maya’s book, Call Me Tree as an example, as well as tons of other additional resources. (For students enrolled in the school, the ebook is also available to print yourself or you can use your student discount for 15% off the printed workbook)

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