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The Pop-Ups’ Picnic

The Pop-Ups Series #1

Paperback, 32 pages
Story Text in English & Spanish

Written & Illustrated by Maya Gonzalez

It’s tradition to bring the community together once a year ever since the small town’s gay bar closed. Now everyone’s invited! “Family” and family! A peek into LGBTQ history through the lens of family.

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A new bilingual children’s book series that celebrates LGBTQ history through the lens of multicultural and multigenerational queer family.

The Pop-Ups are what we call GrandPop and PopPop, Sky’s grandfathers. Like all grandparents, they love spending time with their grandkid.

Sky’s first big plane trip was to the Pop-Ups’ picnic to meet all kinds of family, the relatives she’s related to by birth and the aunties, uncles, queens and fairies she’s also related to by birth. Sky’s family is 2nd generation with queer parents and grandparents! So while there’s always family, there’s also “family!”

And the Pop-Ups and Sky have just begun. Follow the series as life and history become one! Weddings, Oakland Pride, the Castro, the Sisters, Compton Cafeteria, Philly’s Gayborhood, NYC’s Stonewall.

The series will honor our ancestors, share our history toward equality while celebrating courage with a mad dash of fabulousness right down to our very own Pop-Ups who will have been together for 30 years in 2017!

There’s no better way to convey how great it is to be gay than with the Pop-Ups! Come learn, it’s not just OK to be gay, it’s freakin awesome!

Date of Publication

Spring/Summer 2017

No. of Pages

32 pages


Paperback; Full Color


Bilingual English/Spanish