Children's Books as a Radical Act

A Powerful Tool for Social Change. Children’s books offer the potential to engage all of our creative faculties to transform the stories we, as people of color, queer, or indigenous people heard as children that often did not include us. Using a holistic approach, creating children’s books can heal and strengthen the creator as much as the reader.

This is the potential power available through children’s books and what we want to seed out into our communities. The 3 R’s—Reflection, Reclamation and Regeneration—help us envision a full and effective path of action that ultimately supports true power rising from our communities in the form of our OWN VOICES.

How WE Make Children's Books a Radical Act:

I am the Seed I came to Grow

3Rs of Children's Books as a Radical Act by Maya GonzalezLearn more about the 3R's
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Reflection Press

Publish Books that REFLECT.

We create books that push the bounds of publishing and support people of color, queer & indigenous voices rising.

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School of the Free Mind

Online School to RECLAIM.

We offer children’s book courses to support new authors, illustrators, and indie publishers through a holistic approach that engages the whole person and centers our communities in the book making & publishing process.

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Write Now! Make Books

Kids Program to REGENERATE.

We aim to support future storytellers to retain and hone their natural storytelling and artistic abilities with a free online program for kids and families.

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How YOU can Make Children's Books a Radical Act:

We're deeply committed to this work. We wish to support our communities in coming into voice and personal power, foster a publishing revolution from within and ultimately co-create a more just and equal world. We definitely rely on the funds we bring in from book sales, classroom registrations, speaking gigs, and other sources to help keep it going. If you like what we stand for and the work we're doing and would like to help us keep doing it, feel free to send a little monetary love our way.
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Where we stand as of 2016 in U.S. Children’s Book Industry:

Statistics from the Cooperative Children's Book Center (CCBC)


Where we should be if POC&Indigenous authors were telling our own stories:

How the last 11 years (& beyond) has impacted us:

Graphics from our Radical Act Campaign with 2015 CCBC Statistics:

A Look at the Last 10 Years (up to 2015):